How to close my account?2023-03-14 | account

Please be noted that after the account is successfully closed, the account will be permanently closed, and can never be retrieved back. All pending transactions will be cancelled upon account closure, and all remaining assets in the account will not support withdrawal anymore, it's highly recommended to close all your positions and withdraw your assets before closing the account.

The mobile phone number, email address, and identity information bound to the account can not be used for a new account anymore.

  1. Log in to your Bitubu account. Go to Account > Security.
  2. Click Close account on the security page.
  3. On the modal, the system will display the risk notification after disabling the account . Please check it carefully, then check the relevant terms and click Close account at the bottom of the modal footer again.


  1. If you are not bound with Google Authentication, you need to bind Google Authentication first before continuing.
  2. To prevent asset losses, please transfer all the assets out from your account before freezing or closing your account